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IOS Inbox

Manually processing 40-50 IOS cases a day is one person’s full-time job, and includes keeping an eye on email, logging on to 3-4 different vendor portals, reviewing the case, printing order forms, downloading files and then manually creating the case in Labtrac.

IOS Inbox dramatically reduces the time required to get these IOS cases into your systems ready for CAD/CAM. Our studies show a 75 percent reduction in the time needed.

The inbox also ensures that you don’t miss a case, an update, or file, as everything gets funneled into one “incoming case” list for processing. Missing a case submission can carry huge costs in customer retention or late delivery.

Organise and Deliver

Labtrac brings all of your work, regardless of how it originated, into one single inbox. Integrating with IOS systems synchronizing the orders, comments and files: everything you need is one place. Add in traditional orders and have one full list to review and accept.

Based on your specific flows it schedules that work through your departments, machines and technicians.

It also maintains checkpoints throughout the process to make sure each job is case reviewed, accepted, invoiced, dispatched and any other process you wish to add.

Technician Workbench

Visualize individual technician tasks and capture progress throughout the Manufacture process.

Your STL's', photos, CT Scans, chat history, and case review notes are always there, so it’s easier to work together.

Set up your team’s space with all the information you need so you can stay in just one place instead of jumping around and checking case pans.

Scale with Certainty

Labtrac has all the features and performance that manages some of the largest labs in the world but redesigned for a lab and budget of any size from 1 to 100+ technicians.

At Labtrac we appreciate how difficult it can be to transition from a traditional Laboratory to a new modern Dental Manufacturer with a mix of digital and impression work.

We believe Labtrac and the IOS and Workbench suite of products can help you make this transition and never lose control of your lab and ultimately delivery on the cornerstones of your business: quality, consistency and reliability.